Meter Errors

Accu Chek Aviva Plus Meters:

E-2: Incorrect Code Key

E-3: Extremely high glucose levels or test strip error

E-4: Not enough blood or control solution

E-5: Incorrect code key or expired test strip

E-6: Blood or control solution applied before blood symbol appeared on display

E-7: Electronic error occurred. Turn meter off and back on

E-8: Temperature is above or below proper range

E-9: Low battery

E-10: Incorrect time and date settings

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One Touch Ultra 2 Meter:

Error 1: Meter problem, call customer service for One Touch

Error 2: Used test strip or problem with meter

Error 3: Meter was not read. Re-test with new strip 

Error 4: Problem with meter or test strip. Try testing again with a new strip 

Error 5: Strip problem or sample too small. Re-test with a new strip 

104: Meter batter is low but high enough to perform a test

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