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Q. What type of boxes will I receive

A. We fulfill orders using 50 and 100 count boxes, and on rare occasion 25 count boxes. This includes retail and mail order boxes which include the same strips, but the boxes look different. Mail order boxes may say not for retail sale, or something similar, and are usually white. 


Q. What condition are the boxes in?

A. Boxes maybe have slight dings or imperfections, but will always be factory sealed.


Q. I am a pharmacy or reseller

A. Please contact us once you place your order and let us know if you need retail boxes. Please keep in mind, many of our boxes have imperfections. We will try out best to fulfill  your needs as our valued customer.


Q. What are the expiration dates?

A. Our test strips will have 5 months or longer remaining at the time we ship them. If you need longer dates, please contact us. 


Q. Why did I receive a green One Touch Ultra/One Touch Verio box?

A. One Touch has changed their colors. The product is the same, but the boxes are now green instead of blue/purple


If  you have any questions not answered here, please contact us at 877 588 8500 or through chat or email at