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Diabetic lancets help you prick your finger easily and painlessly.  Diabetic lancets come in many sizes or gauges.  Shop our diabetic lancets today!

Blood is drawn using lancets in order to measure the blood's glucose level. Any area, mostly the finger, can be pricked with them.

Use your lancets safely.

When checking your blood sugar, take necessary precautions and use common sense. Never use a used lancet or lancet device twice. This raises your chance of getting infected. A lancet also loses its sharpness after repeated use. Make sure you use a lancet of a renowned brand like Accu Chek Aviva lancets, Freestyle lancets, One Touch Lancets etc. It is more difficult to pierce the skin with a dull
lancet. When using any lancing device, always adhere to the directions. Put your used lancets in a container designed to hold used needles and sharps to safely dispose of them. You must discard the container after it is full. Check your local regulations on how to dispose of sharps containers. You may need to transport the container to a unique collection location.


LANCING DEVICES - There are also lancing devices that use lancet drums that are already loaded.
You may avoid handling individual lancets and potential harm with this system. To check your blood sugar, just place a pre-loaded lancet inside a drum and load it. You can select your chosen depth from a selection of eleven movable depth settings after loading the drum.


SIMPLE DESIGN - It is simple to check your blood sugar on the fly with portable lancing devices. They are lightweight and portable thanks to their small size and sleek appearance. Simply place them in your travel bag or handbag. Lancets are easily available in the market and you can also buy lancets online at a cheaper price.


EASY TO HANDLE- A dial is used, exactly like with other lancing instruments, to modify the depth of penetration. They have a comprehensive instruction manual and operate with the majority of lancet types, so you can start using them right away.


FLEXIBLE USE - Lancing instruments can be used with a variety of lancets available in different brands like Accu Chek Aviva lancets, Freestyle lancets and many more. To be sure you're using the correct lancing tool, always read the directions that come with it. The majority of lancing devices support a range of lances. There are now ultra-thin lancets that are less painful than standard lances.