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Choosing The Right Test Strips For Managing Your Diabetes

Choosing The Right Test Strips For Managing Your Diabetes

Nov 17th 2021

Managing your diabetes can be tedious, especially when choosing which diabetic test strips to use among the multiple options on the market. While price is a factor, not all test strips can be used in all glucose monitors. Of course, you can always consult with your pharmacist about which diabetic test strips will work for your specific needs. Still, it is beneficial to know a little information on the differences in products to make educated choices.

Price Factors Into Test Strip Choices

Manufacturers want you to believe that store-brand diabetic test strips monitor blood sugar the same as the more expensive products do. However, the primary difference is that the more expensive test strips are typically used exclusively for deluxe glucose monitors.

Thus, if you purchase less expensive strips and try to use them with high-end monitors, they may not work correctly, and your reading could be off. For this reason, consider the type of glucose monitor your purchase as it directly impacts the affordability of test strips you will use.

Understanding Your Glucose Monitor Needs

By looking at the difference in glucose monitors, you can see which diabetes test strips you would be purchasing for the foreseeable future. Be sure to compare the features of the mid-line monitors with the exclusive brands to assess their technology and functions.

Specific monitors may have more advanced technology or functions that you will never need to use, and you could be overbuying. Determine what technology would be beneficial, such as information storage and readback of blood sugar levels. Regardless of the brand’s features and abilities, you will want to ensure the glucose monitor you choose tells your current blood sugar level.

Choosing Dependable Diabetic Test Strips

Not all diabetic test strips are created equally. In fact, in 2013, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recalled 62 million test strips and issued a warning to patients about their use. According to their findings, the recalled strips were showing abnormally high blood sugar levels, which caused some patients to have their medications incorrectly increased.

These test strip recalls affected thousands of diabetic patients, which is why it is crucial to do your research on glucose monitors and test strips before you make your purchase. Also, to ensure your health is protected, always purchase your test strips from reputable diabetic supply sources where high-quality products are sold.

Successfully managing your diabetes starts with choosing the right supplies for your glucose monitoring.