Diabetes Is Analysis

Aug 7th 2020

What do we mean when we say that “diabetes is analysis?”

What we mean is that as a disease, diabetes is one of the most data-driven conditions and one where good data collection matters most. Professional health care workers understand this as a matter of course. They know that good data practices can help to save lives and improve the lives of diabetes sufferers to a great extent. But we want to share this idea with the community at large, to help your family members manage their condition.

So – diabetes is an analysis. In other words, diabetes is not one of those conditions where you just have to shrug your shoulders and tell people that nobody sees the future. It's not like things like an embolism or aneurysm that may happen out of the blue. With these conditions, there's a lot of emphases placed on intervention and early warning signs of an incident, but diabetes is different in some ways.

With diabetes, on the other hand, people are analyzing the condition from the very beginning, in order to ward off problems like a blood sugar crash or spike, or some other crisis.

Because diabetes is so analysis-oriented, testing equipment is vitally important for diabetes patients. Good testing equipment and a proper diet can really mitigate much of the risk involved in diabetes as a whole. Being able to check blood sugar is vital to controlling the effects of this chronic disease.

Diabetes Fast Draw Test Strips

Our One Touch, Accu Check, and Freestyle fast draw test strips make blood sugar checks easy and effective. In seconds, patients can analyze where their blood sugar is at a given time, and build the kinds of complex notebooks and journals that help doctors to enhance treatment and diagnosis.

Eliminating false results, these test strips work with a small sample that's easy to extract. This takes a lot of the pain and hassle out of regular checks, and keeps patients safer over time, by making it less difficult to do a quick check and see where someone is at. The right way to think about these checks is NOT an inconvenience. The right way to think about them is in the context of saving lives.

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