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Three Pillars of Diabetes Care

Three Pillars of Diabetes Care

Feb 24th 2021

Those who are struggling with diabetes are not alone – this chronic issue affects millions of Americans, and it's a disease that's now getting more attention in public awareness campaigns like the CDC's National Diabetes Prevention Project, as well as anywhere that we think about public health.

We're doing our part to support diabetes patients with accurate clinical care items like tests and lancets to make diabetes care easier and more effective.

Here are three critical parts of keeping on top of a diabetes diagnosis – you need attention to all three of these to really fight diabetes the right way!

Diet and Exercise

Obviously, the diabetes patient needs to keep a close eye on his or her diet. The foods that we eat determine our blood sugar levels day-to-day. Keeping a food journal is a must for proactive diabetes management, and it also helps you to be more informed about how your diet affects your health.

One thing that's commonly left out, however, is the need to exercise day-to-day. It doesn't have to be intense cardio – science suggests even a quick walk twice a day can make a world of difference! Think about a daily routine that includes some moving to keep diabetes at bay.

Alcohol and Tobacco

Worried about diabetes outcomes? Drop the alcohol and tobacco, doctors say. In addition to worsening outcomes for all types of conditions and diseases from cancer to cardiovascular problems, smoking can have a negative impact on diabetes as well. As for alcohol, the impact of alcoholic beverage on blood sugar levels should be obvious. But there are also other impacts like cardiovascular impact that also factor into overall analysis. With alcohol abuse, over time, blood pressure can become an issue. Your body gives you clues in the form of a hangover, that the alcohol use may not be good for overall health. But diabetes can also respond to a teetotaling strategy.

Effective Testing

A third key part of managing diabetes is testing blood sugar levels continually to get more of an idea of what's happening inside your body.

With our 50 and 100 count boxes of one-stick tests, with shelf ready expiration status, you can take charge of your diabetes and work harder to control outcomes. Read more on the web site and ask us about how to get packages that will promote your success in staying on top of diabetes for the long haul – because even though it can be a scary condition, it is one that you can live with!