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What “Counts” With Diabetic Management

What “Counts” With Diabetic Management

May 13th 2022

How do you manage a diabetic diet?

It's a question a lot of patients ask themselves as they struggle with the realities around this chronic disease.

We help by providing adequate testing equipment and some consultation on our website about how to live with diabetes.

Often, we know what NOT to do: we know that it’s disingenuous, for example, to say that you can eat ice cream as long as you eat it one spoonful at a time, or that something “doesn’t count” toward disrupting your blood sugar index for some nonsense reason. When you hear about people saying things like that, you sort of shake your head.

But the proactive work is perhaps not always covered to the extent that it should be. Knowing more about it can impact your life in a positive way! Then when you have the right planning in place, and start out toward a better set of health outcomes, you’re really going in the right direction.

Diabetic Stages

First, there is the question of severity. There are different stages of diabetic development that affect what you're going to be eating, and how you treat this chronic condition.

At the end of the day, getting the equation right early will help you to prevent worsening diabetic conditions from having a greater impact on your life. As you go, you realize what types of things make a difference in diabetic intervention, and you can put those principles to good use.

Long-Term Management

There are people who hold to the idea that a ‘once in a while’ snack won't profoundly impact your diabetic profile in a negative way.

That might be true – the long-term goal is to eat foods lower on the glycemic index.

One rule of thumb is to look at your most common meal choices and try to find replacements that are healthier for diabetic consumption.

For example, some varieties of rice or noodles are easier on your blood sugar levels than others.

Testing and Equipment

In trying to find-tune your approach to diabetes management, it's good to have the right supplies at your disposal.

We help by providing innovative types of lancets and mini-needles and other gear that you need to keep an eye on your diabetic condition and blood sugar levels.

With the right information in hand, it's easier to live with diabetes every day and chart a course toward improvement.

Take a look and get some great resources from us, to really start to triumph over the realities of diabetes management. We have your best interests at heart!