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One Touch Verio 200 Ct

MSRP: $215.98
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Meet the only test strip that can keep up with your meter!

Using the One Touch Verio Blood Glucose Test Strips is simple for many reasons; no coding, there is flexibility to be able to test yourself using either side of the Verio strip and it's easy to see when you've applied enough blood. All that is needed is just a tiny speck of blood.


  • Expiration date guaranteed 5 months or longer from purchase
  • Easy to Use: The One Touch Verio Test Strips were designed to make it easy to see when there is enough blood for an accurate reading.
  • Small Sample Size: These One Touch diabetic test strips require only a small blood sample (0.4μl), meaning less pain when testing your glucose level.
  • Alternate Site Testing: To help reduce the pain of repetitive testing on the same area, your able to test blood glucose levels on your forearm, finger or arm. When using the One Touch Verio Test Strips for alternative site testing you should be cleared through your health care professional first.
  • 5 Second Test Results: Within just 5 seconds, you will have an easy to read blood glucose test result when using your One Touch Verio Test Strips.
  • Side fill test strip — great for righties and lefties.
  • Compatibility: For use with the OneTouch Verio, OneTouch Verio IQ or OneTouch VerioSync meters
  • Check Actively scans each blood sample 500 times correctly for common interference's to provide an accurate result




Each Test Strip Contains: Reagent Composition, Each Test Strip Contains: Flavin Adenine Dinucleotide Dependent Glucose Dehydrogenase or FAD-GDH (From Aspergillus SP), - 2, The Vial Contains a Drying Agent

Quantity: 100 pcs One Touch Ultra Blue Test Strips in the box.

Dimensions:  1.5 x 1.2 x 2.5 inches

Weight: 0.48 ounces



200 x One Touch Verio Test Strips


UPC: 353885009751