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Short Dated Accu Chek Smartview Test Strips 50 count

MSRP: $109.99
(You save $91.04 )
SHT SV 50-62

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Checking your Blood sugar levels is not a problem anymore!

Accu Chek SmartView Test Strips provide a very important role in helping people with diabetes to monitor and control their diabetes. The Accu-Chek SmartView diabetes test strip offers advanced accuracy in blood glucose test results. Plus, it fills quickly at any point along the tip with only a tiny drop, making it easy to use for people of all ages. The advanced testing gives you the assurance of accurate test results each time. The Accu-Chek SmartView Test Strips give you fast and accurate results.


  • Advanced accuracy—you can have even more confidence in the accuracy of your blood sugar results
  • Accu Chek Smart view Test Strips only require a very small blood sample (0.6 microliter of blood) to make testing easier and less painful.
  • The Accu Chek Smart view Test strips allow you to fill the test strip on the very first try, avoiding painful retesting. The larger size makes it convenient for people of all ages to handle the test strips and place them into the meter.
  • The Accu Chek Smart view Test Strips can be used on alternative testing sites like the palm, forearm, upper arm, thigh, or calf, as well as the fingertip. Avoid the pain associated with having to use the same test site each time.
  • This pack of Accu-Chek SmartView test strips are designed to be used with Accu-Chek Nano. 
  • Simply place a test strip into the Accu-Chek Nano glucose meter, place a drop of blood in the yellow window and wait for your results!
  • Easy to handle, easy to use—for people of all ages


What’s in the box?

Accu Chek SmartView Test Strips 50 count