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One Touch Delica Plus Lancets 30g 100 ct


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OneTouch® Delica™ Plus Lancet for More Comfortable Testing!
Getting a blood sugar reading no longer has to hurt as much. OneTouch® Delica Plus with Advanced Glide™ Control System features OneTouch's thinnest gauge needle ever for more comfortable testing*. Less motion, more control, and reduced vibration leads to smoother, more precise lancing.  The Delica lancets are designed for use with OneTouch Delica and/or Delica Plus Lancing Device.


  • Expiration date guaranteed 5 months or longer from purchase
  • These lancets are designed to maximize comfort as they have a glide control to provide more precision. They are also made to reduce vibration for additional comfort. 
  • One-Touch Delica Glucose Lancets have Ultra-Thin Design for less painful testing. To minimize the pain of testing, change lancet after every use to ensure the least painful puncture.
  • Our safety lancet needle is made of top medical-grade materials. Made from natural and latex-free plastic and superior metal, they are totally safe.
  • Advanced Glide Control offers more comfortable testing with a smaller needle, reduced vibration for smoother lancing, and glide control for more precision. Lancets are used only with OneTouch Delica Lancing Device.
  • Easy to Use- Simply place in your lancet device, twist off the top and you’re ready to withdraw a blood sample.
  • Ensuring safe and sterile lancets with a long-lasting shelf life.



Expiration Date: 1+ Years

Gauge: 30g


OneTouch Delica Plus Lancing Device

OneTouch Delica Lancing Device


What’s in the box?

1 box of 100 One Touch Delica Plus 30g Lancets