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One Touch Ultrasoft Lancets

Ultrasft lan100
Ships within 24 hours!

One Touch UltraSoft Glucose Lancets - One Touch Lancets 

Ultra-thin design for less painful testing. For use with all OneTouch Penlet and OneTouch UltraSoft brand automatic blood samplers from LifeScan, and most other blood sampling devices.

Made in Japan

Wash hands with soap and warm water.  Dry well.

  1. Load lancet into lancing device and twist off protective cap.
  2. Choose a spot on the side of a different finger each time you take a blood sample.
  3. Follow lancing device manufacturer's instructions for obtaining a blood sample.

Eject lancet from lancing device and snap-on safety cap before discarding. 

To minimize the pain of testing:  Change lancet after every use to ensure the least painful puncture.  Lancets become dull and painful when re-used. 


  • Expiration date guaranteed 5 months or longer from purchase
  • Twist top design
  • 28 gauge lancets
  • Sterile

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