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Diabetic Test Strips

Diabetic Test Strips make taking care of diabetes simple.  Choose the blood glucose testing strips that are right for you!

Affordable Diabetic Supplies


Many diabetics carry glucose strips to monitor their blood sugar throughout the day.  While these simple blood glucose strips make life easier, some people have questions about using them and about testing their blood sugar.

A diabetic test strip is a little plastic strip with a chemically treated pad at one end. The diabetic strips are used with a small electronic device called a glucometer, which analyses a drop of blood from your finger to determine the amount of glucose in your blood.

Some diabetics check their blood sugar many times throughout the day and others only need to check before or after meals.  Your doctor can help you arrange a testing schedule that makes sense for your diabetes and your blood sugar management goals.

Check with your doctor to determine the range of blood sugar levels that are healthy for you.  When using diabetic strips, keep your doctor’s instructions in mind to decide how to best manage your diet and medication.




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BENEFITS :- There are many benefits of using diabetes test strips. Testing your blood is a huge advantage in better blood sugar management. Diabetic Test strips help diabetics keep their blood sugar in healthy ranges and live longer, healthier lives.